Michelle Frazier
Phone -  (402) 770-7858
Website -  www.TBDPhotography.net
Bio - We're based out of Lincoln, but do travel. We can be reached by email at [email protected] .
David Schmidt

Website - photo1954.com
Bio - I am originally from a small farming community in South Dakota, graduated high school and college there.  I have been involved in church music as an organist all of my life, having recently retired from the fast-food restaurant business, I am now devoting my working time playing the organ in an around Lincoln.  I have been in Lincoln since 1980, so Lincoln and Nebraska are home.   I have a had a camera for a long time, but work always got in the way of using it, so it sat on a shelf for a long time.     Now that I have a little more time, I am going to do as much as I can to feed the creative side of my brain.   I also enjoy Calligraphy and like to incorporate that art into my photos whenever they seem to fit.  I love looking at photos, and letting my mind wander into the image, especially landscapes and barns.  Since I spend so much time in churches, many of my images reflect the tranquility provided there.  One of my mentors is a saint that lived over 1500 years ago, St. Benedict.   One of the things he taught was balance in life.  I feel this is something we all need, and I am slowly learning how important that balance is to take of the body, mind, and soul. 
Krista Skarin

Facebook - Kristas Photography Lincoln, Nebraska

Bio -  My love for photography is all about taking  beautiful 4 season pictures of flowers, landscapes,  animals, buildings, people, and places that will last forever.

Casie Williams

Email  - [email protected]
Bio -  I am a teacher in Lincoln, NE,  who also happens to love photography.  I originally  started  Teacher's Eye Photography as a hobby, taking pictures  for friends and family.  It has grown into a passion of mine.  I specialize in outdoor shoots  on location. (No indoor studio.)  If you are in need of someone to capture your memories of  kids, portraits, engagements, weddings, graduating seniors;  I would  be honored to be a part of your special occasion .