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Name: Kendra Burnett
Location: Anselmo, NE
Name: Paul Julian
Location: Hastings, NE
Comment: My favorite Facebook page!
Name: William Johnson
Location: Columbus, NE
Comment: Where the people of Nebraska can show the beauty of the state.
Name: Dave Calkins
Location: Scottsbluff, NE
Comment:  I am a musician, filmmaker, and photographer based in Scottsbluff. I love Nebraska and although I travel quite a bit I always love coming home!
Name: Larry Sellers
Location: Papillion, NE
Comment: Looks great!
Name: Kevin Lewis
Location: North Platte, NE
Comment: Excited to show family who does not have social media beautiful pictures of Nebraska.
Name: Sandy Kuhl
Location: Herman, NE
Name: Loyce Most
Location: Roscoe, NE
Comment: My favorite morning page. Thank you!
Name: Justin  McClintic
Location: Blair, NE
Name: Lori Thatcher
Location: Clay Center, NE
Name: Mitzi Luedtke
Location: Humphrey, NE
Comment: AWESOME Job! Love the web page as well as FB & Instagram! Thanks to EVERYONE who submits pictures! We live in a GREAT State!
Name:  Sherry Rohlfing
Location: Highlands Ranch, CO
Comment: Born and raised in Beatrice. Love the photos of "home".
Name: Peggy Nelson-Smith
Location: Johnstown, NE
Name:  Tim Eggers Bigger mtn productions
Location: Norfolk, NE
Comment: Love new things.
Name: Jakob Huryta
Location: Ravenna, NE
Name: Kay Banner
Location: Kearney, NE
Comment: Very nicely done.
Name: Gene Hinrichs
Location: Kearney, NE
Name:  Dawne Smith
Location: Alliance, NE
Comment: Thanks to all the photographers for sharing their photos.
Name:  Kaleb King
Location: North Platte, NE
Comment: One of my favorite pages to see the work of fellow photographers in Nebraska. Keep up the great work.
Name:  Patricia Hanken
Location: McCook, NE
Comment: I am very excited to see your new website grow with all the beautiful pictures to come! Congratulations on your Grand Opening!
Name:  Deb Aylor
Location: South East Nebraska
Comment: I love the photos that are posted to the Facebook page so I know that I'll love this website! Thank you!
Name:  Helen Olson
Location: Atkinson, NE
Comment: Love the photos of Nebraska!
Name:  Lisbeth Sherman
Location: Mullen, Cherry County, Nebraska
Comment: Been looking forward to the site finally coming online. Great photos, love the featured photographer section.
Name: Jennifer Hendrick
Location: Omaha, NE
Name: Wanda Giebel
Location: Edgar, NE
Name: Crystal Darnall
Location: Sidney, NE
Name:  Robyn Sawyer
Location: Omaha, NE
Comment: Thank you Steve and Jonathan!! Awesome work!!
Name:  Tanya F Meyer
Location: Wolbach, NE
Comment: Love the amazing pictures of Nebraska.
Name:  Deborah Hrivnak
Location: Saint Charles, Illinois
Comment: Thank you to everyone involved with Nebraska Through the Lens! Your work, posts, etc...are amazing and are daily reminders of the phenomenal state I love! My husband and I are anxiously looking forward to getting back 'home' soon; filled with more gratitude than when we left 8 years ago! Thank you again!
Name:  Linda Liljehorn
Location: Holdrege, NE
Comment: Thanks so much for creating this site! I love it!
Name:  Kimm Schumacher
Location: Hong Kong
Comment: Nebraska native, from Bennington/Elkhorn
Name:  Renae B
Location: Beaver City, NE
Comment: Awesome!
Name:  Eldon Fablinger
Location: Oxford, NE
Comment: Great site! Awesome photographs. A wonderful way to showcase our beautiful state. Thank you.
Name:  Julie Hudson
Location: Omaha, NE
Comment: Love this site!
Name:  Sue Marvin
Location: Eureka Springs, AR​
Name:  Heath Boman
Location: Geneva, NE
Comment: Can't wait to see how far this website will grow!!
Name:  Diane Rico
Location: Ashland, NE
Comment: Can't wait to check this out!
Name:  Lynn Miller
Location: Columbus, NE​
Name:  Joni Sorsen
Location: Seward, NE
Comment: Love the new website!
Name:  Jean H Potter
Location: Columbus, NE
Comment: Love the posts!!
Name:  Shirley Millard :)
Location: Omaha, NE
Comment: Love NTTL on FaceBook! I find it so peaceful & relaxing to scroll through the beautiful pictures. And, being a transplant from Kansas, I've learned so much about Nebraska from NTTL. Thank you for all you do to keep it running smoothly. It's outstanding! :)
Name:  Carol Tingle McNulty
Location: Jackson, MS
Comment: I love this website! I am originally from Harrisburg and love seeing pictures of my childhood home. Thank you for this site.
Name: Pam Fegley
Location: Lincoln, NE
Comment: Love the NTTL FB page!  Thank all of you for all of your hard work. Also a huge thanks to all the photo contributors for the enjoyment we all receive! Looking forward to this web site. 
Name:  Derek Leonard
Location: Kearney, NE​
Name: Ruthe Meter
Location: Alliance, NE
Comment: Awesome site!!! LOVE seeing all the amazing photographs! So many talented artists!
Name:  Tyler Richardson
Location: Omaha, NE​
Name: Judy Rowe
Location: Nebraska City, NE
Comment: Enjoy seeing places I haven't seen before, even though I'm a native, but haven't been "exposed" to the northwest part of this intriguing state. Keep up the good work.
Name: Janet Dietz
Location: Alma, NE
Comment: I love seeing all the pictures. It is a way of traveling to all 93 counties in this great state of Nebraska.
Name:  Krista Skarin
Location: Lincoln, NE​
Name: Lori Connot
Location: Lincoln, NE
Comment: I enjoy your Facebook  page. Congratulations and great work on your new website!
Name:  Linda Ulrich Murphy
Location: Omaha, NE
Comment: Glad you made this page!!
Name:  Kelsey Schraer
Location: Columbus, NE​
Name:  Garrett Anderson
Location: Ponca, NE
Comment: Home of the Ponca Indians!
Name:  Michael Priest
Location: Ponca, NE​
Name:  Rebecca Dawn Moon
Location: Stuart, NE​
Name:  Beverly Refior
Location: Odessa, NE
Comment:  Love this site.
Name:  Linda Hein
Location: Lincoln/McCook, NE
Comment:  So very glad that we now have other opportunities to enjoy the wonderful photographs of our beloved Nebraska. Great site!
Name: Morris Enyeart
Location: Barnegat, NJ
Comment:  As a NE ex-pat the wonderful photos bring fond memories of home.
Name: Hal Maggiore
Location: Grand Island, NE
Comment:  Thanks for all your effort for Nebraska photographers.
Name:  Wilma Luther
Location: Grand Island, NE
Comment:  One of my favorite pages. I love just sitting and viewing the beautiful scenes from Nebraska. I find it very relaxing and serene, I spend time doing so to relax before going to bed. I am always recommending this page to people. THANKS for creating a wonderful page. 
Name:  Shirley Johnson Schmuck
Location: Flowery Branch, GA
Comment: Grew up in Falls City, lived in Lincoln until 1998. Nebraska is my heart and my home, no matter where I may ever live again. and btw, GBR!
Name:  Vicki Allgood
Location: Kent, WA
Comment:  One of my favorite pages on Facebook!!
Name:  Michael E. Smith
Location: Lavista, NE
Comment: Retired a few years ago. NTTL has given me the incentive to try something new. I love the outdoors so a camera has become my new  challenge. Thanks to all that put this site together. 
Name:  Dave Pierce
Location: Ashland, NE
Comment:  Love the page. Keep up the excellent work.
Name:  Sandra Sweeney
Location:  Full time RV'ers so no home base
Comment:  Both husband and I are from Nebraska and  lived in Thedford and Dunning. Love the pictures! It makes many memories come back.
Name:  Karen
Location: Bruno, NE
Comment:  Really enjoy the pictures...
Name:  Cortney Trumble
Location: Fremont, NE​
Name:  Susann
Location: Minden, NE​
Name:  Kelli Hunt
Location: Bellevue, NE​
Name:  Sherri Cuddeford
Location: Lincoln, NE​
Name:  Kathleen Osterman
Location: Indianola, IA
Name:  Kimberly Dobney McDonald
Location: Skiatook, OK
Name:  Joseph
Location: Grand Prairie, TX
Comment: Love all the photos!
​Thanks for sharing everyone.
Name:  Deb Christiansen
Location: North Platte, NE
Comment:  What an awesome website. What a wonderful way to spread the beauty of Nebraska.
Name:  Dee Brown
Location: North Platte, NE​
Name: Julie Pozehl
Location: Lincoln, NE
Comment: Awesome site

Name:  Molly
Location: Lincoln, NE​
Name: John Carrel
Location: Beatrice, NE
Name: Tammy Vasa
Location:  Weston, Nebraska
Comment:  Thank you for posting the best pictures of Nebraska!

Name: Mary Lou Hawkins
Location: Wilber, Nebraska

Name: Steve Schworer
Location: Omaha via Kearney Ne
Comment: Great forum love checking out great photos!

Name: Alfredo Ramirez
Location: Norfolk, NE
Comment: I have loved NE thru the lens . It is wonderful and exciting to view parts of Nebraska through other peoples eyes and to discover new places. It gives me the incentive to take trips to some of the areas. It is remarkable the kind of talent we have from beginner photographers to the professional. I agree with the rules of the site and hope it does not become commercialized by people advertising work for sale. Thank you for all the work you do.

Name:  Laura Nelson
Location:  Burwell, Ne

Name:  Mark
Location:  Alliance

Name:  Pat Darnell
Location:  Lincoln
Comment:  Love the pics!

Name:  Liz Daugherty
Location:  Clayton, NY
Comment:  Love this site!

Name: Jojo Peters
Location: Huntington Beach, CA
Comment: I lived in Boone County (St. Ed) when I was a teen. I learned to drive in Nebraska and fell in love with the state. I miss the Nebraska countryside, sand plums, cottonwoods and the smell of fresh cut alfalfa. If it were not for the winters, I would be living there now. Love that I can "see" Nebraska through the web.

Name: Michael E. Smith
Location: LaVista, NE
Comment: Cool page and fun to be involved with NTTL

Name:  Natasha Stearns
Location:  Stella, Nebraska
Comment:  Love this group, the best out there!

Name:  Nancy Reese
Location:  Pleasanton, NE
Name:  Brenda Cahow
Location:  Imperial, Nebraska
Comment:  While I occasionally enjoy contributing photos to NTTL... I REALLY love looking through all the amazing photos taken throughout this beautiful state. From the majesty of our rolling vistas to the amazing beauty that can only be found in the smallest of details, we have so much more to offer than most people would realize. It brightens my days when I see all the wonderful moments in time that my fellow photographers around the state capture. Thanks for giving us this opportunity to share!

Name:  Derek Krous
Location:  Lincoln, NE
Comment:  Great photos everyone. I enjoy seeing all of them! I am new to photography, just this year I got my first Canon T5i. It's fun!  HAPPY SHOOTING!

Name:  Brad Conklin
Location:  Gering, NE
Name:  Cindy Coleman
Location:  North Platte, NE
Name:  Rhonda Shoemake
Location:  Auburn, NE
Name:  Cat Razo
Location:  Alliance, NE
Comment:  I'm really enjoying this website!
​What an awesome way to spread the beauty of Nebraska.
Name:  Sue Cahill
Location:  Clarkson, NE
Name:  Jan Cox
Location:  Central City,  NE
Name:  Tracey Springer
Location:  Grand Island, NE 
Comment:  Love all the photos
Name:  Dianne Tietze
Location:  Lincoln, NE
Name:  Jim and Katy Lepant
Location:  Broken Bow, NE
Name:  Jack D White
Location:  Lake Havasu, AZ
Name:  Marj Rader
Location:  Trumbull, NE
Name:  Bobi U
Location:  Aurora, CO
Comment:  So enjoy the many photographers on this site. Allows me to enjoy the home I left over 30 years ago now.. Man time flies.. 
Name: Emma Bermel
Location:  Randolph, NE
Name:  Joni Hart
Location:  Gillette, WY
Comment:  Beautiful pics of Nebraska!
Name:  Carolyn Barnhill
Location:  Lincoln,  NE
Name: Linda Rakosnik
Location: Saint Cloud, Florida
Comment: Raised in Beautiful Nebraska
Name:  Robert Bascelli
Location:  Puerto Peñasco, Mexico
Comment:  Love the images. I'm currently working for the railroad and traveling through Nebraska and also enjoying photographing your beautiful state.
Name:  Bob Brammeier
Location: Sterling,  Ne
Comment:  Great site!
Name:  Connie Gordon
Location:  Phillipsburg,  Kansas
Comment:  I grew up in Nebraska around Harlan County but now have lived in Kansas for over 50 years so enjoy the great photos of Nebraska. I also like looking for places to come visit around Nebraska that I have never been to or at least not for a long time. 
Name:  Amy Lundgren
Location:  Cottage Grove, MN
Comment:  Born and raised in the awesome state of Nebraska. Proud to be a Cornhusker :)
Name:  Greg Halbeisen
Location:  Boelus, Nebraska
Comment:  The most picturesque state in the country. There is no beauty like it anywhere. 
Name:  Betsy Elder
Location:  Paxton, NE
Name:  Alex Andersen
Location:  Lincoln, NE
Name:  Janet Busenbark
Location:  Omaha
Comment:  Love the pics! 
Name:  Carolyn
Location:  Lincoln, NE
Name:  Brenda Bartz
Location:  Tomahawk, Wisconsin
Comment:  Born and raised in Bassett, being part of this group. Watching all of the beautiful photography that is posted daily may make me miss beautiful Nebraska; but thanks to modern technology, I have the next best thing. 
Name: Jeff Kaiser
Location: Papillion, NE
Comment:Beautiful pics!!! Thanks for sharing your work!
Location: OMAHA, NE
Name: Mike Iburg
Location: Lincoln, Ne
Comment: My favorite site.
Name: Hailee
Location: Central City
Comment: I'm an aspiring photographer obsessed with the beauty of my home state. I would love to be a part of this organization if at all possible. This is a great site and I'm in love with the photos! 
Name: Mary Nielsen
Location: LaVista, NE
Name: Nancy E. Gwin
Location: Syracuse, New York
Comment: I'm a former resident of Nebraska ~ grew up in Crete and lived in Lincoln as a young adult. Thank you for the lifelines of photographs for us all.
Name: Virginia Hobbs
Location: Bellevue, NE
Name:  Diane Peagler
Location: Papillion, NE
Name:  Mary Boyer
Comment:  Somehow I've connected to you through Facebook and have loved all the photos from across the state. Last week we drove from northeast Nebraska diagonally across to North Platte and it was so beautiful!! Thanks to all the terrific photographers for piquing my interest in the beautiful backroad country of Nebraska.
Name:  Rob McCartney
Location: Omaha/Papillion/Sarpy County

Comment:  Love the photographs... such skilled artists in our state. Keep 'em coming!
Name: Anne Gordon
Location: San Angelo, TX
Comment: I really miss Nebraska. I spent around 25 years living in Omaha and Lincoln. I really enjoyed driving west over the interstate. The people in NE are so friendly and patriotic .
Name: Carol England
Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Comment: I now live in the Springs but was raised in Western Nebraska. I love following on FaceBook.
Name: Janelle
Location: Cherry County
Name: Ed Kohl
Location: Madison, SD
Name: Tami
Location: Bellevue, NE
Name: Anne Gordon
Location: San Angelo, TX
Comment: I am a transplanted Nebraskan living in Texas and I miss Nebraska countryside... Thanks for the beautiful reminders... in pictures. 
Name:  Angela
Location: Minden, NE
Name:  Wayne Brill
Location: Omaha, NE
Comment:  This is a really neat site.
Name:  Phyllis Gantz
Location: Bellevue, NE

Name: Tracy Brann
Location: Fort Collins, CO

Name: Paul Hrdy
Location: Lincoln, NE

Name: Robert Turner
Location: Kearney, NE

Name:  Michael
Location: NE

Name: Alfredo Ramirez
Location: Norfolk, NE
Comment: I love the site and enjoy the photography posted by many whether professional or amateur. Look forward to posting my own photos. 

Name:  Bill Kaiser
Location: Omaha, NE

Name:  Linda Johnson
Location: Papillion, NE

Name:  Mary Stumpff
Location: Lincoln, NE

Name:  Nell Votruba
Location: Norfolk, NE